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Planning and creating great course videos

“The success of a production depends on the attention paid to detail.” - David O. Selznick This blog post is the first of a four-part series that discuss what you should keep in mind when shooting course videos. In this first part, we will discuss what a shoot schedule is and how it can be beneficial to you, especially in… Continue reading Planning and creating great course videos

Expert insights

On creating your MOOC Curriculum

Picture this… You’ve been offering a course that’s very popular amongst your learners; your classroom is a testimonial to how effectively you engage with them. You’ve now decided to offer the course online through a MOOC. What are your considerations going to be? How would you plan your instruction? Will the outline of your MOOC… Continue reading On creating your MOOC Curriculum

What to learn

What to learn this week – Strategy and Sustainable Enterprise

Environmental concern has sensitised organisations to address sustainability in their policies and reduce the their dependency on natural resources. How can sustainability influence corporate strategy? How can it give organisations a competitive advantage? Strategy and the Sustainable Enterprise, offered by IIMBx, helps answer these questions. It has been delivered by Professor PD Jose, a fellow… Continue reading What to learn this week – Strategy and Sustainable Enterprise