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Why do we need a course on business communication?

In September of 1996, in the final year of my engineering, I took stock of my overall academic grades and the picture wasn’t pretty. The placement season was about to start and I discovered that I was in the bottom quartile of my class. I had mentally prepared myself to face the reality, which was… Continue reading Why do we need a course on business communication?

Learner Story

Learner story: Entrepreneurship

One of the biggest advantages of MOOCs is their wide reach. Distance and time are no longer constraints for the learner and teacher in a MOOC platform. Because of their versatile nature, MOOCs are more inclusive and help learners from all walks of life. Recently, Yash Raj Karthikey - a young entrepreneur - shared with… Continue reading Learner story: Entrepreneurship

What to learn

What to learn this weekend – Risk Management in Banking and Financial Markets 

Risk and returns are the most talked about, yet least understood concepts in the world of banking and financial markets. Concerns about risk management increased exponentially around the world after the global financial crisis of 2008, where ‘risk contagion’ spiraled out of control and resulted in a catastrophic series of events. The whole world, especially the ecosystem of banking and financial markets, has altered significantly and possibly forever. In this… Continue reading What to learn this weekend – Risk Management in Banking and Financial Markets 

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Lights, camera, auction! 

Do you watch movies? Have you ever come across a distressed protagonist, up against the hammer of an auctioneer? No, Thor was not the auctioneer here. But let your imaginations fly. As part of a course on quantitative marketing research, we conducted an auction. The auction was mainly held to measure willingness to pay, or WTP. Now, let… Continue reading Lights, camera, auction! 

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The Magic of Sound

This is the final post in our four-part series on video shooting (you can read our first three posts here, here, and here). A video is not complete without its audio components and in this blog post, we will be focusing on audio and how it affects the quality of your video.  Is there anything more frustrating than poor sound quality in a video? Whether it’s background noise,… Continue reading The Magic of Sound

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What to do on the day of the shoot

This the third post in our four-part series on video shooting etiquette (if you missed the previous posts, you can catch them here). Now, it’s time to start shooting your course video.  This is where the magic begins! After checking if all equipment and gear are in order, we start shooting according to the list… Continue reading What to do on the day of the shoot

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A Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) Enrichment Analysis: Data-Driven Insights

MOOCs exploded into the academic consciousness in summer 2011, when a free ‘Artificial Intelligence’ course was offered by Stanford University, California. The course attracted 1,60,000 learners from around the world – 23,000 of whom completed it. Of those learners, 410 outperformed the top student at Stanford. It was clear that brick-and-mortar campuses were unlikely to keep up with the demand for advanced education. However, distance learning has faced one major problem since the nineteenth… Continue reading A Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) Enrichment Analysis: Data-Driven Insights

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Different shooting styles for your MOOCs

While videos play a major role in capturing learners’ attention, they may not always engage them like a real-life conversation. Since most MOOCs depend heavily on videos, it’s crucial to create them in a way that meets the student’s needs.   The different types of MOOC videos are: Introductory   Lecture videos Tutorials/demonstrations Interviews Panel… Continue reading Different shooting styles for your MOOCs

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On creating your MOOC Curriculum

Picture this… You’ve been offering a course that’s very popular amongst your learners; your classroom is a testimonial to how effectively you engage with them. You’ve now decided to offer the course online through a MOOC. What are your considerations going to be? How would you plan your instruction? Will the outline of your MOOC… Continue reading On creating your MOOC Curriculum