Certificate in Technology and Management (CTM) – a 10-month online programme offered by faculty from IIM Bangalore, IIT Madras and other IITs – is in its final leg of admissions. Apart from MOOCs delivered by some of the best minds in the country, CTM offers webinars, case studies, online discussion forums, and interviews with industry… Continue reading CTM and AWS

Faculty Speak

Reinvent your work experience!

What are the things that get you excited to wake up each morning and start another day, sing another verse, write another chapter in the evolving story of your life? What keeps you going when you start wondering if your life and existence have any meaning at all? What fills you with the juice and… Continue reading Reinvent your work experience!

Expert insights

EXCUSE ME! Did you really mean ‘basically’?

So many of us begin our sentences with “basically.” “Basically, I wanted to wear my new shoes.” “Basically, I can’t come out this evening.” We unintentionally refer to everything as a concept; never mind if it’s a principle or even a process! Then there are some of us who find everything awesome - whether it's… Continue reading EXCUSE ME! Did you really mean ‘basically’?