IIMBx MOOCs-Making education ‘skill-centric’!

As India celebrates her 70th Independence Day, we at IIMBx would like to share a vision of improving the education scene in India and worldwide with MOOCs.

IIMBx MOOCs have helped 3,00,000+ students globally transform their learning experience. IIMBx has announced 19 courses out of which 14 courses have been completed till now. Learners from more than 185 countries have been positively impacted by these courses.

Global learners

Today, the industry requires skilled candidates rather than mere degree holders. IIMBx courses not only help learners understand the topics but also provide deep insights. Thus making the learning process- skill-centric and not restricted to theoretical understanding alone.
The hope of a nation lies in the proper education of its youth. Enough is said and done in matters of improving teaching quality in India, but now it’s time to transform the learning process. And this is where MOOCs come into the picture.

pablo (2)


It is high time that students receive education that will help them build a livelihood. With the courses we offer on the edX platform, learners are free to take them at their own pace and time.
Enroll today to the course of your choice and add a new skill to your profile! Visit https://www.edx.org/school/iimbx to know more.

[This blog is written by Pooja Rama, Intern at IIMBx, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore]

1 thought on “IIMBx MOOCs-Making education ‘skill-centric’!”

  1. Really glad to know how the MOOC is able to touch so many lives across the globe and open their eyes to knowledge. I wish IIMBx all the best in reaching out to more people especially the youngsters in the rural areas where there is raw talent available . For this, IIMBx needs to make certifications more affordable and make arrangements for payment to be made in Indian Rupees rather than in Dollars. This will certainly help lot of Indians getting recognised through valuable certifications from IIMBX.



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