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Operations Management – Where zoo workers and bank directors were my classmates

Have you ever dreamt of mastering a topic close to your heart without going to any institute, by just sitting at your home or workplace?

How would you like to learn along with a classmate who has worked in Uranium mines in West Australia, a professor from Brazil, a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt holder and a young entrepreneur from India?

As the online teaching assistant of Operations Management, I had the opportunity to do all of the above and more! The MOOC Classroom had more than 17,000 learners from more than 185 countries all over the world – from Alaska to Australia! When I started building this course with Professor B Mahadevan, I never imagined how energizing, enriching and enticing the MOOC teaching and learning experience would be. The map below will give you an indication of the rich cultural, geographical and professional diversity of our OM101.1x virtual MOOC classroom.


While the production of the course itself afforded multiple learning opportunities, the 7 weeks of course run gave me many insights – both into digital learning and the subject of Operations Management. By clarifying doubts of a medical student, interacting with a real-estate promoter, a automation professional with 30-years experience and a coffee-shop owner, I learnt more about OM than I would ever have.

Professor and I got insights into operation management challenges faced by multiple industries by chatting with a Deputy Director of a bank in Pakistan and a Director of Operations of an aerospace company in France. An IT professional from Bangalore had his queries answered by a shop owner at a zoo in USA. A marketing manager of a luxury hotel resolved his problem by talking to a station master of Indian Railways.

Only a MOOC platform can accomplish such learning wonders. Professors from the best Universities around the world will help you to understand new concepts which will drive the future world.

Come and join us in the IIMBx MOOC community on edX to taste this global learning experience.

[This post was written by Prabhu S, Pedagogical Research Associate, IIMBx]



1 thought on “Operations Management – Where zoo workers and bank directors were my classmates”

  1. Learning has evolved. Geographic boundaries are broken, Digital bridges are made in order to make learning possible . But do share some specifics on the problems and situations mentioned above. All the best @prabhu19smart


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